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Brule Glass Wine Porron Pitcher, Imported Decanter from Spain 1 Liter

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  • Strong Glass- The glass is hand blown in Spain carefully to make sure the glass is strong and can withstand everyday use. It is packaged and shipped delicately . Comes in a strong box with insert to prevent it from shaking. The glass is crystal clear so you can see all the hues of your favorite wine.
  • Easy Cleaning- Some other porron's have a very tiny top which make it difficult to clean, however this is not the case with Brule's. Just remove the cork on top and easily clean with a brush and some soap.
  • Sturdy and Stable - The bottom wide so our decanter can stand on its own. It can be put on any table with confidence, and no worrying about it tipping over. 100 percent wobble free.
  • Multiple Uses - This is made and designed for use with wine, however there are multiple uses for it arobreads.und the kitchen. We personally have used it to get a perfect pour of olive oil on pizza's
  • Risk Free- Brule backs every product we sell with 100% satisfaction guarantee.